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Hi, I'm Essence...

I help natural hair stylist turn their  passion into their profession."

Essence China is an accomplished Natural Hair Artist and creator of the signature style “The Essence” feat. the “Biggie Smalls”. 

Her work has been featured on the cover of Essence magazine as well as other international publications.

In 2003, she fought the state board of cosmetology in the state of Arizona which opened the doors for all natural hair stylist to be able to operate without the regulations of the cosmetology board.

She is the also the founder of Rare Essence Studio in Phoenix, Az.

As the founder of Rare Essence Academy, she hosts tours, seminars, and online courses that are designed to help

  • Create Creative Hair Styles
  • Become a Wealthy Hair Stylists
  • Build an Online Hair Academy

Now you can be empowered, educated, and gain the experience you need to be more confident in styling hair, and build a business from it as well.

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