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Learn to create flawless styles, build confidence, and attract high paying clients!

Investing in your skills will position you to become a stylist who executes natural hair styles with speed an ease, which will result in satisfied clients. Satisfied clients tend to brag about their stylists, that’s why it is so important to know the proper techniques that will ensure satisfaction. We will help you do just that build repeat clients who love your work, your vibe, and your investment in yourself!

Create Your Own Signature Styles By Mastering

The Proper Techniques That Will Keep Your Clients Returning!

Online Styling Training


 Learn how to execute flawless natural hair styles all online. Perfect your Braiding, Locking, and Twisting skills through our monthly Membership!  





Business  Coaching


Are you feeling stuck in your business? Do you need mentorship? Connect with ESSENCE




Hands On Training


 Come to Phoenix and get hands-on Training with stylist from across the country.







The RARE Stylist Membership


Have you ever just wanted to transition into becoming a full-time stylist, but weren’t sure where to start? 

Unfortunately, there aren’t many resources for natural hair stylists to get the training they need to become successful. Cosmetology schools don’t prepare you for the road to creating flawless styles, or for how you actually build a clientele and brand that will stand out. 

Your first steps is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! That may seem basic and obvious, but many stylists lack belief in themselves and it shows when they are unwilling to invest in themselves, DON’T let that be you! 

It is the stylist who believe in themselves who often become the most successful because they are willing to BET on themselves! 

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Believe Behave Behold

All things are possible; ONLY BELIEVE

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